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We review products under these categories…

Bathroom Essentials

We all want to take a bath in a relaxing and sometimes, luxurious way. That is why we will be adding modern bath tubs and showers with simple and top of the line designs. And the good thing is, we will also be selecting the ones that are on sale but premium.

Beds and Mattresses

In order to make your room more comfy, we need to add beds with good cushion construction, pillows made with soft cotton, and mattresses in perfectly wrapped foam. We only choose earth color design, with a good price, or better if the product is on sale.

Cleaning and Organizing

To make the living room or any other room more inviting and relaxing, we recommend modern high-quality products as it helps save more money in the long run. Plus, it makes our wall clean and mess-free. And mostly are on sale and are quite affordable these days.

Cooking and Baking

Cooking and baking could never have been better without the passion, skills, and proper kitchen tools.  While some are custom made, the tools we will review are the ones that are usually often used. And yes, it’s a good practice to select the ones on sale once again.

Gardening and Outdoors

If we can’t reach the beach, then our gardens will also help us to be in-touch with nature. Going outdoor is a good start to open our eyes to its benefits. Needless to say, it is now considered as a big trend in this modern new normal age. Plus, it helps de-stress.

Home Decors and Furniture

From throw pillow to foam sofa with artistic sofa design and with good cover material, we make sure to choose modern design with a classic touch. Plus, we will also add timeless designs such as table made with solid wood or anything that makes the material solid.

Smart Home Technology

Every person with modern living room, wanted to make their homes smarter than before. From CCTVs, refrigerators, to humidifiers, and even lighting, almost everything can be controlled using a smart device. Definitely a smart move for a modern and a smarter living.

Work from Home

Did you know that working from home makes living even better? From a simple laptop stand to standing desk, it helps improve posture which increases work output. Plus there are new applications for modern work management and video conferencing. 

Here at Practical Modern Living, we chose modern and contemporary products that will have a positive effect on one’s lifestyle. We support living in a modern way, while at the same time, maintaining that classic touch of well-being.

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