I’m Harry and here’s my story.

Harry Cortez, author of Practical Modern Living

I created this blog to help everyone make wiser decisions when buying any home products online by providing them with complete information and awareness before getting one.

People are quite busy in this new normal age and they don’t have much time to evaluate a product they wanted to purchase online.

And that’s not just the case. If ever a person already decided to purchase one and bought it, then only to realize that there are other variations of the same product that suits their preferences.

If only they have that kind of collected information, then things could have been better, and they could have been more satisfied with their purchase.

And that’s where I come in.

I will only review high-quality products, in different brands and price ranges, but with almost the same functionality.

This is to provide you with at least an overview of what is out there, so you can decide to choose which is the perfect fit for you.

And now, a bit of background about myself.

During my younger years…

Whenever I bought something, it took time for me to decide if I would get it or not. I want to be sure that the one I’m buying is worth it.

And most of the time, it takes me an hour or two, just to buy something so simple and cheap.

It may be a bad habit or a good one.

It’s bad because it takes a lot of my time evaluating and thinking if it’s of good quality.

And it’s good because I was not an impulse buyer. And I buy mostly in physical stores.

That was many years ago before the start of the pandemic.

But then the pandemic struck on March 2020, and still on a job hunt, and almost everything is now sold online.

So the first time I have to buy online again, I have to rely on my habit.

But I need to improve it and make it a good one because you can’t hold the product physically which adds to more time evaluating.

So what I did was, I tried getting all the information or highlights of any product as fast as I can, checking the feedback and comments from previous customers, and from there, I have to make a quick decision whether to get it or not.

So after buying for some time, I felt that my evaluation skill is quite improving.

And while helping with the family’s Airbnb business and doing online freelancing (yes, I decided not to work physically during the peak of the pandemic), I was able to generate enough capital to finally enter the e-commerce industry.

But it was not an upright decision. I have researched well about it and got an overview of how the business model works, its pros and cons, and all the things that are needed to do to make it a successful venture.

And the good thing is, I have friends who were already in the e-commerce space that has guided me all along the way.

Now when I entered the e-commerce industry…

Something changed in my perspective. At first, it was quite too much information, and even though I have an understanding of how it works, it’s still way different when you are putting in actual what you are learning.

I got my first sale, and many sales followed. In between, I have to learn how to run Facebook Ads, then Google Ads, a little bit of copywriting, and finally, SEO.

It continued for 2 years, and I just noticed that my product evaluation skills just got even better and faster. I know if a product is in demand and how it is needed by people.

Probably because I was a one-man team. I have to do all the product and market research, build the website, advertise on different social media platforms, source inventory to suppliers, product fulfillment, and so on and so forth. It’s like a task of a complete company department drilled down into one person.

And yes, that is pretty much on top of the customer’s inquiry, and sometimes, complaints.

But here’s the thing…

I seldom got any complaints because I made sure that the product I was selling was of good quality. I learned that from research and observation of customer feedback, supplier information, and the experiences of other e-commerce entrepreneurs.

But it was quite tiring because I was working more than 12 hours a day. Sometimes 14-16 hours, and I was barely getting a good night’s sleep.

But on the other hand, it’s also rewarding. Because that helped sustained me and our family for a few years and I was able to build a skillset – in-depth product evaluation.

During that time, I was able to understand the benefits of any product, faster and better. And those benefits are simply the solution to the customer’s needs.

But then as good as it is going, I have to pause my e-commerce business last October 2022, due to some unforeseen events that almost drained my finances. And that’s okay because I was able to learn a lot from it.

Then I decided to get a job last November 2022 since the pandemic is somewhat being controlled already. But this time, as a product coordinator in an e-commerce company. I chose it because my current skills are aligned with it and the workplace is near my home.

In this new company…

My main role is to be in charge of the new products that will be launched on the market and my other role is as a data analyst.

And I discovered as part of our Standard Operations Procedure is to screen the vendors of the products properly, do a lot of market and product research, check how much the product will be profitable over time, source it and promote it to different marketing channels.

It’s pretty much the same procedure that I’ve been doing before, but the company is doing it on a massive and larger scale with better skill and manpower.

And here’s the surprising part…

The company put much emphasis on the quality of the product, one of the best things I really liked.

Because a good and practical product will always make the customer happy, and when the customers are happy, they are going to share it with their friends and loved ones, and the business will continue to progress. Simple logic.

That is why I decided to put up this blog this month of April 2023, to assist the readers in recommending only good and high-quality products, a value for their hard-earned money, and that will make their lives even better.

Reading the contents of this blog will definitely save them time and effort in evaluating the products they like.

Given all my experience in product evaluation, I will be consolidating all the needed information that every customer needs to know so they can easily make a sound decision.

After all, I am also a customer, and I also want other readers to be guided as well with their purchase and be happy with it.

With that, I thank you for reading my story and I hope you will benefit from my succeeding posts.

Take care always and God bless you and your family.