The Secret Power of Dolby Atmos in 2023

Check out why Dolby Atmos audio plays a crucial role in delivering an immersive cinematic experience in the captivating world of tech, this year 2023.

This article aims to unravel the magic of Dolby Atmos. We will explore its revolutionary ways that took audio to new heights.

We will also point out obvious advantages over traditional surround sound that are often overlooked and how you can bring this transformative audio experience to your Multi-Channel Home Theater.

Sounds cool? Let’s go!

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Introducing Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos is an extraordinary spatial audio technology that SURPASSES the constraints of traditional surround sound.

By introducing object-based audio principles, Dolby Atmos revolutionizes sound placement and movement, elevating your audio experience to new heights.

Check out this video by Dolby to see what they mean…

The Science Behind Dolby Atmos

To understand the magic of Dolby Atmos, we have to dig a little bit into the science behind it.

And the science behind it is Object-based audio.

Let’s step back a little bit before proceeding with Object-based audio.

Remember, a traditional surround sound system uses channel-based audio formats, say for example 5.1 or 7.1, when a ball bounces from back to the front, it will use the rear right speaker and then moves forward to the right speaker and the center channel….it will use those speakers ALL at once.

Listen to the trailer by Dolby below to see what I mean, and use your headphones or these cool wireless BT-300ANC headphones by Monoprice.

Have you heard the sphere bouncing from side by side alternately? If not so much, then I recommend that you watch it again with your eyes closed.

Feel the difference? That is Dolby 7.1 Surround as an example.

By the way, if you are not yet familiar with the speaker configurations, you can check out this beginner’s guide.

Now back to our topic…

Object-based audio transforms individual sounds to become dynamic “audio objects” that can move independently in a three-dimensional space.

It means, instead of using all the speakers on the right side, suppose a ball will pass through the right, it will use each speaker as a “stepping-stone” – one by one (depending on the set-up), as if the ball is slowly getting nearer and nearer, using each speaker down to the center channel which is the nearest.

What made this happen?

This includes adding more side speakers and overhead sound and using height speakers, providing an unparalleled sense of dimension and immersion.

This is sometimes called “Audio Power.” Sounds amazing, right?

Try to listen to one of Dolby’s “Universe” clips so that you appreciate it even better. You will definitely feel what Atmos Home is.

Now that you’ve watched the clip above, which can actually be considered one of the Atmos Soundtracks, you may have noticed that there’s a different sound quality, right?

If you use an Android phone such as Samsung or an Apple Phone like iPhone, there will also be a different sound quality for both devices.

While some are amazed by the sound experience, some are also amazed at how the sounds and video are perfectly blended together.

The reason why the video and sound can be mixed well is by using a software called a Media Composer created by Avid. We will not be discussing it for now, but this is one of the ways Cool Master Editors create and edit an awesome video incorporating Dolby Atmos in it.

Dolby Atmos Speakers Configurations

To harness the full power of Dolby Atmos, selecting the right speaker setup is crucial.

We also need to understand various Dolby Atmos configurations, such as 5.1.2 or 7.1.4, and provide guidelines for the proper placement of height and overhead speakers or channels.

5.1.2 means there are 5 speakers, 1 subwoofer, and 2 upward-firing or 2-in ceiling speakers.

While 7.1.4 means there are 7 speakers, 1 subwoofer, and 4 upward-firing or 4-in ceiling speakers.

We are just speaking for a Dolby Atmos in a home setup here, but it’s always different for a Dolby Atmos theater setup.

Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 setup

Dolby Atmos Content

Atmos is only as good as the content that supports it. To get the best surround experience, it’s good to identify where to view Atmos.

Here are some ways to access Dolby Atmos content at home:
– Blu-ray discs with movies like Gladiator, the favorite Avengers Infinity War, and Wonder Woman
– Streaming services like Netflix and Apple Music

So if you have an iPhone, an iPad, a Mac, or any Apple Gadget, then you get to listen to and experience the cinematic sound and music of Dolby Atmos, even if you are not in a cinema for a blockbuster production.

Now check out the audio of this Black Adam trailer. If the sound is played on different surround speakers, then that is entertainment! A true hi fi.

Atmos in Your Home Theater

So you are now convinced that the best place to experience Atmos is in the comfort of your home. And most of the time, it is on the TV.

There are a lot of things to consider here like the setup, number of speakers/channels, and receivers.

And just like in a cinema, you also need to strategize the location of the speakers, like how many will you put on the right, on the left, at the back, or at the ceiling/top.

And for Atmos, the height of the speakers is also considered.

You also need the right information on your TV, HDMI cables, and the movie ( or your favorite movie).

It may sound a bit overwhelming, and it is.

That’s why here is a Pro Tip.

If you will shop the equipment at a local store or via Amazon – the TV, speakers or channels, receivers, and even soundbars, it should be Dolby Atmos capable.

Yes, it’s that simple.

And the installation process? There’s actually a long and detailed installation guideline for it created by Dolby Atmos itself.

Installing Dolby Atmos

The Immersive Dolby Atmos Experience

You really can’t describe a Dolby Atmos experience unless you get the one to experience it in a local cinema or even at-home tv.

Since this information is on different levels of experience among consumers, Atmos has taken video and audio to the next level.

It is able to create a 3D sound or spatial sound that impresses most who are able to witness it.

OR it gives them the thrill of following where the action is…as if they are a part of the movie (You’ve got to have HD TV here, just so it matches the quality of the sound as well).

Well, that is to be expected.

Since Dolby Atmos treats the sound as individual “objects” that can easily be moved throughout the theater without being confined in one channel.

This means that if someone walked on the left side of the tv screen, I should hear a footstep on the left side.

But when the person suddenly ran to the right side, the nearest right speaker will sound where the footsteps location is.

As a HUGE benefit, Atmos moves the sound freely among speakers for more realistic audio in the movie theater.

Check out this short clip of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and listen to the sound supported by Dolby Atmos.

Sonos Arc – The Premium Smart Atmos Soundbar

What if the Dolby Atmos Star Wars trailer above was played using Sonos Arc, a premium Smart Atmos soundbar together with your Ultra HD TV?

Would the video, sound, and beats be different? Definitely.

Believe it or not, this premium soundbar blends in beautifully with its elongated shape, soft profile, and seamless facade bringing ALL your movies and music to life.

Arc discreetly mounts to the wall or sits beneath the TV without pulling focus on itself so you get to focus on what you’re watching on the TV.

It is definitely tuned to perfection with an Enhanced Trueplay tuning that optimizes the sound for the unique acoustics of the room.

It means you get to hear a better sound, even if there are no available speakers in the room.

But of course, Dolby Atmos is also available on other soundbars in the market. This is for you to have an option on what type of soundbar or soundbars you prefer the most.

Sonos Arc Soundbar

Sonos Soundbar

The Sound Future of Dolby Atmos

As technology progresses, Dolby Atmos continues to evolve.

It will become more available to almost everyone, almost everywhere – in music, on tv, in soundbars, and in different speaker channels that surround the entertainment room.

For home, Dolby Atmos rules the audio world by placing more speakers on the ceiling to let the viewers listen to the sound coming from the top as if the helicopter is directly on top of them.

As for Gaming, the speaker and other gadgets are mostly Dolby Atmos enabled so they are almost live in action inside the game.

For music, the orchestra is now simulated thanks to the Power of Dolby Atmos. It’s as if you are in the actual show, listening to the harmonized blended sound of the musical instruments and you can hear them one by one too!

Even Apple is now using Dolby Atmos in their music.

As for the soundbars, almost every brand carries the Dolby Atmos logo.

Now here’s a short music clip from Coldplay powered with Dolby Atmos.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Netflix Dolby Atmos?

No, Netflix is not Dolby Atmos. But you can watch Netflix in Dolby Atmos to get that cinematic audio provided you are subscribed to them with a plan for streaming Ultra HD, and with Dolby Atmos enabled TV, Speaker, and a soundbar. You can actually check it on their Netflix guide.

2. What about Spatial Audio in Apple Music?

If you have subscribed to Apple Music, you can now listen to select songs in Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos. For more info, you can check an Apple complete article about it.


Dolby Atmos has emerged as a game-changer in so many ways, opening doors to immersive and captivating experiences.

By understanding its ways and means, embracing its potential as an awesome spatial technology, and configuring your setup accordingly, you can unlock the magic of Dolby Atmos in your own home.

Get ready to embark on an audio journey that will forever transform the way you enjoy movies, music, and games.

The wonders of Dolby Atmos await—immerse yourself in its awesome magic today!

With that, here’s a final clip of Dolby Atmos with the Avengers. Listen to the uplifting background music and hope it is played on a soundbar.

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