25 Smart Living Room Ideas (Easy to implement this 2023)

These Smart Living Room Ideas help create your “ideal living room” so you can minimize planning and preparation.

That is why we have written these unique, tried-and-tested living room ideas that are EASY to understand and easy to follow.

Each idea is very simple and straightforward. Every idea gives light to the other.

After checking it out, you will have a better understanding of where to start even if you’re a very busy person.

So let’s get started!

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What are these Smart Living Room Ideas?

These are simple tips on how to make the room make it look even better. Feel free to check it out below.

1. Wide and White Living Room

A living room should make you comfortable especially when you just came from work. You want to be relaxed as soon as you sit on the sofa, right?

Well, the MOST PRACTICAL way to make that happen is to build a wide living room and paint it white (or beige as an alternative), especially the spaces in between corners of the room.

A wide room will just make it easier to move around, especially when you and your kids (and friends) have some fun and engaging activities.

But why color it white? Because the color white is a room scheme that easily BLENDS with any other color, and makes it easy for styling. Plus, white is also the color of comfort.

So start with white and everything else will be easy to fit.

2. Free-flowing air

Remember the time you went to the beach? Or when you went hiking? Then you felt the wind blow on your cheeks?

Well, that is free-flowing air. And that is what we want in our room.

But why would you like free-flowing air from the outdoors and bring it in? I hear you ask.

Simply because air carries more oxygen to the room, making living in it even better. 

A well-ventilated room also reduces the growth of bacteria, viruses, molds, and other harmful elements.
That is why several corporate and government protocols nowadays, encourage having an outdoor meeting or in a well-ventilated room.

And if you’ve been living in a closed room with little open windows, then you will appreciate this even more.

But how will you invite more air? By simply designing BIGGER and wider windows.

Larger windows will invite more air to circulate in the spaces of the living room so you easily feel that gush of free-flowing air against your cheek, just like on the beach.

Having big and wide windows will also make sure that the air can circulate at a faster rate. 

On the other hand, experts say that free-flowing air will also STRENGTHEN your immune system and can also help relax your mind and body.

3. Look for indoor plants

As we all know, plants release oxygen for us to breathe and it also helps beautify our surroundings.

Same with indoor plants. Plus its green color just makes the living room MORE alive. And that is like the “room feel” we want to accomplish.

Indoor plants like Snake Plants, Areca Palm, Spruce, and Pothos Plants not only make a room presentable but also helps produce more oxygen in your living room.

But of course, there are also outdoor plants like the Monstera family and Philodendron varieties, that add design and value to a room, most especially if they are variegated.

A good designer will incorporate plants and furniture in their design since this will create a clean and green atmosphere of FRESH air that will circulate in the room. 

Just make sure that it gets enough light from the sun so it stays healthy.

Definitely one of the best living room ideas.

4. A wall art for the Living Rooms

Artists usually say, “Art is Life and Life is Art.”

So to make a room as lively as possible, it’s good if you have at least a wall art for a room decor placed on your white wall.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a painting from a famous artist or a painting you just saw across the street, as long as it makes you feel good about it.

Does wall art need to be a painting? No. There are also beautiful puzzles that can be framed and hung on a wall.

A recommended wall art is NATURE like forests, beaches, mountains, beautiful sceneries, your family, or even your profession.

But if you are living with kids and with pets, better position the wall art above their reach so it stays in good shape.

You can shop for popular wall art or custom wall art online that will definitely add more inspiration to your home. And yes, it’s a good practice if we also give credit to the artist by being thankful to them even in prayers.

5. Beautiful Rugs with Good Patterns

To make your living space stand out and look good, put rugs with attractive patterns as a centerpiece.

Not only will it make it look beautiful, but it will also make your living room more inviting. Think of it as the  “landscape” of the room.

You will love it and so with your family and friends. They will be inspired by it too!

6. Let there be more natural light!

Yes, it’s time to let the sunlight in!

And it usually starts with having a larger window as mentioned above.

Sunlight sets an inspiring WARM tone that can also increase the room’s temperature.

It is also a natural UV light that will DISINFECT harmful substances in your living room for free!

So open up your curtains wide enough and let the sunlight in!

And yes, also include your kitchen and dining area.

7. Mirror Mirror on the wall!

This is not Snow White but you definitely need a mirror and I mean a BIG mirror, like lifesize, if possible.

The main purpose of this mirror is to help reflect the sunlight in a most natural manner so it lightens your entire living room.

Of course, you can also check yourself in the mirror while fixing your hair and clothes, then say good things about yourself.

8. Also add Artificial Lights!

In addition to the natural light, a good living room design always includes artificial lights. The best examples are LED lights.

Using LED Lights will make your room brighter. And its energy savings feature saves you a few bucks.

To make things even better, you can also add more light and accent to your living room using a lampshade or a chandelier. You can even add it to your fireplace.

More light means it helps the brain produce more happy hormones called serotonin, so it improves your mood and MAKES you even happier! That is priceless!

And we can’t ignore the fact that a well-lit room brings positive energy and makes it look even better. An educated designer knows this well.

And the good thing is, It also helps minimize eye strain and can also help granny finish a book of Harry Potter just because she wants to know a lighting spell – Lumos!

9. A Big High-Quality TV

While some would only prefer a standard-sized television, it’s always better to get a bigger TV!

Why? The bigger the better! 
I would say a 65-inch TV is quite big already. Plus, the cinematic experience of “being in the movie” is what makes it awesome!

But that’s not all of it.

Look at those Big TVs that are now being used for Edutainment. It educates children during this new normal age, in a fun and engaging way. Think of it like watching Dora the Explorer on a bigger screen while sitting on your contemporary set of rugs.

As for Daddy, he can now watch his favorite team in the NBA, as if he is watching it there… LIVE!

10. Awesome Tones with a Power Speaker

If in case you are not into Big TVs, then you probably love listening to music.

Good music can instantly create an atmosphere of comfort. Good tones help improve one’s health condition and it can even INSPIRE and give hope.

And you can make it easily happen if you use a Power Speaker. It simply gives crisp, high-quality music, even when played at low volume.

And when you’re near the fireplace, you can just plug in your music and let it play to your heart’s content(while you reminisce about the good things in life).

And yes, you can dance to its beat too!

Ultimately, a great sound system plus great music will make it feel more alive than before! 

And if we are going to take entertainment to the next level, then a multi-channel home theater is the next big thing.

11. Style it with musical instruments

Hanging your guitar on the wall brings out the inner musician in everyone!

Once you see it, you just want to grab and PLAY it until it makes you happier.

Music is the LANGUAGE of the soul and it’s quite true!

So hang your favorite guitar on your wall, and make sure to use special hooks. And if you have a piano, position it properly as if inviting someone to play on it.

You may never know that you can unknowingly inspire a person to become a musician, just because they saw your guitar or played your piano.

12. Put in a Cool Center Table

Highlight your living room using a cool Center table!

Getting a good design will simply ELEVATE  your room’s look and feel! 

Plus it’s so useful, you can put many things onto it – from decors, and centerpieces, to remotes, snacks, and style magazines!

To make it stand out, it should contrast the color of your beautiful rugs.

13. Go for Earth Colors!

Nothing beats the style of a warm living room in an earthly tone!

Soft creams, modern beige, and off-white CALMS the living room’s atmosphere.

It also creates a friendly and inviting tone that makes you want to stay in the room for a longer period of time!

Warm desert-inspired shades, forest green, and vibrant mineral shades bring nature inside the room.

While modern style and rustic style gives off a timeless classic theme!

Plus it easily BLENDS with other colors so you don’t need to worry too much about the furniture you are going to match with it.

Earthly colors welcome guests with warmth, making it a good choice for room color.
This is a basic concept of interior design.

14. A comfy sofa.

If you are going to look for living room ideas, a sofa is usually a part of the list. 

It acts as a “lounge” for almost everyone and opens up a lot of comfort and entertainment.

You can watch a game of football with family and friends while sitting comfortably on it.

Or see your kids (and pets), play around on it too! It’s a very important piece of furniture.

So whatever activity you will be doing in your living room, you need a high-quality sofa that comes in a great style, is DURABLE  enough, will last for at least 7-15 years, compliments your home, fits in your living room, and is within your budget (yes it should!)

And also, if you want to others see the good side of you, pick a sofa that is easy to maintain, comfortable, and good-looking. 

Why good-looking? Well, a sofa is an extension of your personality. And it will be the CENTERPIECE of your living room.

So it’s like you are being put in the “spotlight!” So show your beautiful side.

And don’t forget to put pillows with good designs and patterns to fill in those wide spaces for the family and also, for the guests.

15. Modern Classic Design

Save more money on updates and renovations by adopting a Modern Classic Design!

By blending modern and traditional themes, you make your room more elegant, comfortable, and sophisticated!

It’s like taking something old and making it NEW and better!

And here’s the good part…

You don’t even need to have a lot of money, as long as you are creative.

Just pair those simple contemporary lines and patterns with traditional furniture, finishes, and accessories.
Then improve the fireplace or add a little bit of classic touch.

Of course, white should always be the main color as it blends with the light and the furniture.

This is one of the room ideas that should be prioritized. You have combined the best of BOTH worlds to create custom decor!

Perfect for those “old schools” yet love modern designs!

16. Add an aquarium with colorful fishes.

Create your own mini-ocean adventure at home by putting a fish tank filled with many colorful fishes in your living room!

Then get ready to be mesmerized by the lively movements of these little living creatures!

Relax and de-stress yourself by watching them swim around. It’s like taking you into another beautiful stress-free world!

According to studies, it doesn’t just help lower anxiety and blood pressure, it also helps you to sleep better, so you can wake up, fully-charged and ready to SEIZE the day!

And aside from its calming effect, it also provides a fun activity for the whole family. It educates the kids and teaches them how to take care of animals.

And of course, it beautifies your living room 3x better and even makes it more alive!

It’s like capturing a portion of that “LIFE IN THE OCEAN” and putting it in your living room.

Getting an aquarium will surely make your room successful, full of positivity, and good luck!

17. Get Iconic Items.

Spreading that “Inner Peace” in your living room using Iconic Statues is definitely a manifestation of great room ideas!

Be it from Lord Buddha, Ganesh, Jesus, Mary, Holy Family, and Little Angels, it will surely make your living space the PERFECT SPOT for comfort and relaxation.

These minimalistic decors at home make an extravagant masterpiece.

It transforms ANY living room into a mini-sanctuary that provides a soothing and calming atmosphere. 

Plus, these iconic items make a good long-lasting impression!

They inspire success, help in healing and recovery, and unite all the furniture and other home decor in your home!

18. Use Smart Technology

Build a Smart Home using Smart Technology!

Packed with awesome features, it can INTERCONNECT all of your home devices in one go! Which means, you can monitor them remotely.

From CCTV to light bulbs, sockets, and air conditioners there are already a lot of smart devices available in the market.

Making them available in your living room will make a great high-tech decoration built with excellent functionalities.

So it’s time to experience CONVENIENCE  while saving time and money! Plus, it simplifies your routine too by automating daily tasks!

It simply makes things better and smarter.

And did you know that apart from putting it in your living room, there are also smart devices for your bathroom? Smart toilets, smart showers, smart faucets, smart scales, and interactive LED mirrors are some examples.

Ultimately, getting Smart Gadgets will definitely be a SMART move!

19. Make it Work-from-home ready.

Create a functional WFH(Work from home) set-up in your room that will make you want to work from home for eternity!

It’s a DESIGNATED work spot that benefits from the comfort of your living space.

This is usually in the corner of the room, at the back of a piece of furniture, usually the sofa, or in a space opposite the TV (so you don’t get distracted by Netflix).

You can get inspiration for custom design from home magazines or you can design it yourself.

So be prepared to have a minimalist working table that contains your desktop, keyboard, mouse, and mousepad, headphones/ speakers, webcam, power strips/ extension cords, router, and last but not least, an ergonomic chair.

Make it so organized and clutter-free so you can work easier.

Then add in some small furniture and indoor plants to make it look even better.

Doing this will strike the balance between a WFH set-up and a room with lots of furniture.

And eventually, this will make it the best working environment that will also inspire your family and friends to have their own working space.

20. Get an interior designer.

If you’re having a hard time envisioning your ideal living room, then you can always hire an Interior Designer.

With this, you can literally conserve your time and effort in planning. Plus, you can avoid expensive mistakes!

Why? Because they have lots of experience in what works and what doesn’t. They have a plan of action. And they are knowledgeable of the best practices and trends in the industry.

Now here’s the good thing…

Interior Designers can also tailor-fit your requirement based on your budget and your style.

In short, they can give you that “answer” that fills up the “missing piece” in your living room every time you look at it.

They can create a harmony of good design, furniture, and functionality.

So will they be expensive? It depends. But of course, one thing is for sure, you will be paying for their expertise.

They will also make the process stress-free(as much as possible), fun, and enjoyable!

Plus, they usually have a reliable network of different contractors, architects, and engineers. So whenever you have any request for any changes and renovation, they can easily tap into their network and get the job done.

With their wisdom, they can provide that “WOW FACTOR” that will make your ideal living room.

21. Declutter.

This one is quite different. 

But don’t worry, it will make sense in just a bit.

And by the way, this applies if you already have an existing living room, and you just want to make it look and feel better. It can also be your own room.

So what is decluttering? It means removing something that you no longer need. 

It also means LETTING GO of something even those that you really liked before, but you’re not using anymore. (this may not be easy for some but you can do it!) 

And that applies also in your own living room.

But why declutter?

Decluttering creates more space in your living room and makes it more organized (you may use organizers here).

It will also make it easier and faster to clean and maintain it. 

By continually doing this, you are actually saving more time! 

Now you will have more time to spend with your family and more time for your business, gardening, or your hobby.

Also, you will be amazed that you will find items easily.

Even those “lost treasures” that you’ve been looking for ages, will just magically appear by just decluttering.

But what happens when everything gets decluttered and organized? 

There will be fewer distractions, and fewer decisions to make, which leads to lesser stress.

When this happens, you will feel MORE PEACEFUL and more energetic.

You will also be laser-focused, more productive, and more creative!

And here’s more…

Decluttering will also lower the risk of asthma and allergies. It will also improve your lifestyle and overall well-being.

This will eventually lead to higher self-esteem and more harmonious relationships with the life around you.

Then you will realize that because of the many things you have accumulated over the years, you will now only buy things that are really useful.

This saves you MORE MONEY!  Which you can use to buy things that are more important.

You will get all these amazing benefits by just decluttering. And the good thing is, you will spend zero dollars while doing it.

And you don’t even have to declutter all things at the same time. You can start with one section of your living room, then move to the others.

Making sense now? Good.

In a nutshell, decluttering simply makes a living room more spacious, organized, and comfortable. It also makes it easy to style and decorate.

22. Get an Air Purifier.

Transform your living room into a healthier and more BREATHABLE living space using a high-quality air purifier!

Yes, we are talking about something that is effective and not some cheap air purifier that only works for a few days!

We want those that are premium and get rid of any air pollutants that can make you sick.

And yes, some models can be quite expensive but it’s totally worth it. 

Once it is positioned in the living room, it WORKS like magic!

Pollutants like dust, smoke, pet dander, allergens, bacteria, and viruses will be reduced to their minimum so they won’t trigger any allergies or asthma.

And the good thing is, it also works best with indoor plants. 

Plants produce oxygen and the air purifier ensures it’s free from any air impurities.

It’s like getting an abundant supply of CLEAN and fresh air every day.

The nice thing is, it can easily be placed beside any furniture, it can even be placed near the fireplace.

So yes, an air Purifier should definitely be a standard part of any room.

23. Add a stationary bike.

Adding a stationary bike in your living room is quite a BOLD move since most living rooms don’t have one. 

They usually have a separate room to exercise like an indoor gym, yoga room, or an outside basketball.

Sometimes, you need to move an item of furniture just to open up a  spot for the “magic bike.”

And did you know that compared to other physical exercises, it is actually one of the BEST forms of exercise using minimal effort that will bring maximum results?

Riding an exercise bike is a non-weight-bearing, low-impact activity. So it’s PERFECT for those who don’t have enough time to exercise, the elderly, and those suffering from leg and joint pains.

The unique thing about the stationary bike is that it has ALL the benefits that you can get from a mountain bike (except for the fresh air and adventure),

but it’s 5x cheaper and way safer.

You can work out any time of the day in your room without worrying about the weather, road accidents, road signs, traffic lights, being lost, or some granny on a trike showing up.(really?)

Plus, there’s no need to wear padded shorts and a helmet. No need to bring all those bike kits. You don’t get a flat tire.

You can quit anytime you want without worrying about getting home. Just stop on the pedal, and move to your sofa. Easy!

It doesn’t even take up much space in your living room.

Working out on the Stationary Bike for 15-30 minutes every day refines and strengthens your legs, builds your abdominal core, and gets you to lose weight faster! (Yey!)

It also strengthens your heart, your lungs, and increases your breathing capacity. It’s like you are always well-conditioned like an athlete.

And the cool thing is, you can also work out while watching Netflix.

It’s the PERFECT equipment to exercise while getting entertained. (Are you not entertained?!!- Maximus of Gladiator)

You can also virtually travel around the world! Just go to Youtube and type in the keyword “bike trail + country ”. Then choose the trail and the country you would like to journey, then hit the pedals and start virtual cycling!

And if you’re a road cyclist and a triathlete, then you can use it for High-Intensity Interval Training. Just tighten the knob and you’re good to go!

Ultimately, working out on a stationary bike will activate the secretion of the “happy hormones” called endorphins and serotonin, which will make you FEEL GOOD every time you exercise!

24. Massage Chair works wonders!

So you just came from work and are a bit tired and you just want to get get rid of that lower back pain. No worries. You can just hop into the massage chair, turn on to heating and oscillating mode, and poof, you get a somehow “INSTANT” relief (at least to some extent).

The truth is, there are countless techniques of expert massage therapists that have been proven over time to improve blood circulation and posture, reduce stress and anxiety, and relax and loosen those tired muscles. 

So this is like bringing those different skills and techniques of those massage therapists right into the massage chair, and you can choose what technique/mode anytime.

Plus, it’s nice to get a massage while watching news, or your favorite series on Netflix.

25. Position an Indoor Water Fountain

In addition to green indoor plants, an indoor water fountain also brings life and a refreshing atmosphere into the living room. The sound of water dripping helps CALM the mind and relax the body.

It’s like when you go on a nature trip in a nearby fall, and bring that atmosphere right into the indoor water fountain.

It also helps purify the air by releasing negative ions, which have almost the same function as an air purifier with an ionizer, only in a more natural approach.

Plus, it also adds an artistic impact on the living room, and a good designer knows that.

Just make sure to keep it away from any furniture to be safe from water splash.


Gathering living room ideas can be EXCITING  but can also be overwhelming for some. So just stick with the one that resonates with you first then work from there.

You will be surprised when you are already actualizing these ideas that many more ideas will come out of you and inspire you.

One of the main points is bringing nature right into the living room as it makes it more alive, relaxing, and better.

However, if you want physical guidance, then the best thing to do is to get an interior designer.

Hope you are able to get some ideas and start applying them to your living room.

Good luck and God bless!

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